WIPMarathon Check-In #3

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Current word count:

26,662 words. Not bad, but not great. Need to get my booty into gear, or as Jim Butcher would say, I need some BIC (butt in chair) time.  

WIP issues this week:

Dealing with the emotions from finding out my CP is battling cancer. I have come to think of her as a close friend, one that I can share my writing, my feelings, and talk to her on almost a daily basis. It makes me sad because good people should not have bad things like this happen to them. It also made me realize that this could happen to me as well. Also, I feel like such an ass because I have been sending her my work, which involves cancer, and had no idea what she was going through. I’m sure that just made her feel great *sobs in corner*

This week I am also dealing with the fact that I am very impatient. Though I have gotten better over the past few years, I still find myself getting huffy over stupid stuff that I should just let slide. For instance, I checked my email compulsively all of yesterday waiting to hear back from a contest I entered. Still nothing. I just need to put my butt into gear and focus on my writing.


What I learnt this week in writing:

I’m impatient. At least I realize it, and am going to work on it. Also, I learned that I can’t compare myself to others. Just because one person can hammer out 10,000 words in a day doesn’t mean I should. I mean, I wish I could, but fully realize I am too much of a perfectionist to not edit as I go.

What distracted me this week while writing:

The norm. Kid, puppy waking up kid, checking email compulsively, being on twitter WAY too much.


15 thoughts on “WIPMarathon Check-In #3

  1. Wow! I hope your CP gets better! Just support her all you can. My Mom had cancer and it sucked.

    Distractions happen so don’t worry. And I am inpatient too! Just want all the words out!

    Love the 250 words!!! I want more

  2. BIC time. ^_^

    😦 I hope your CP makes a full recovery.

    I’m impatient as well. Feels like there’s no hope for it sometimes. Lol!
    Shocking excerpt! Wow. (I love that they’re eating coffee beans. Lol!)

  3. You’re such an amazing person and I hope your CP (and our wipmarathon bud) makes a full recovery. ❤

    Loved your excerpt! Your MC is in such a tight corner 🙂 I wonder what she'd do. I'll love to know.

  4. I think I know who you are referring to and I have been so impressed by the grace with which she handled her diagnosis. She seems like such an inspiring woman.

    Oh my gosh, I am also SO impatient — and writing has forced me to learn how to be less so, which is great. Hard, but great.

  5. I am the same as you with the “comparing to others” thing. I read everyone’s check-in’s with some people knocking out 20k in a week and I’m so impressed and at the same time hating myself for slacking so much. But that’s just not how I work. I write in small chunks when I feel like it and I have to keep telling myself that there’s nothing wrong with that.

    Very sad to hear about your CP and fellow marathon-er, I hope her treatment goes well!

  6. Prayers and best wishes to your critique partner. 😦

    On a lighter note, I love your excerpt. The voice is clear, and her predicament has me curious. I want to know what happens!
    I’m not able to hammer out those epic word counts either. I’ve been trying to do less editing as I go, but I can’t stop altogether. Everyone has a different way that works for them!

  7. *many hugs* regarding the sad news… 😦

    Love your excerpt and I think your lesson for the week is an important one, and one that I have learned myself recently. Comparing to others really doesn’t help anything! Well done on your progress. 🙂 Sorry about the late comment, I’m only getting through all the blogs now! xox

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