WIPMarathon Intro

To learn more about the wonderful WIPMarathon click here

Marathon Goal: So this is my second time participating in WIPMarathon and I am so excited!! Thank you Ifeoma for setting this wonderful event up again! I love all the ladies that I met through here that were so supportive. My main goal this December is to finish my current WIP. I currently have close to 30K on it, and I am looking to add another 20-30K.

Stage of writing: I am currently working on a first draft of a NA Contemporary Romance.

What inspired my current project: My friends who are Hindu and Catholic just got married a few months ago. The culture clash and tension at the wedding was unreal. I thought to myself…hmm this would be a good story 🙂

What might slow down my marathon goal:  baby, revisions for another ms, and the holidays. Whenever there is a baby in the family, people take it upon themselves to drop by unexpectedly .. and in turn, causing me to be a nervous wreck if the house is messy or I’m still in my pj’s because I have been writing/taking care of the baby all day.

Best time of the day for writing: When everyone is asleep. Usually this is around 10pm. Sometimes I write when my kid takes a nap, but those are few and far between.


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